Like terms
Problem solving

Like Terms - definitions

Substitution -replacement and solution sets

Solving Equations - one-and-two-step equation

Formulas - the basics

Problem Solving - strategies

The Forbidden Warehouse - Join the Free Thinkers

Dela Croix and the Ghost in the Painting - Help Dela solve the mystery of Lord Baltimore and Sparrow.

Doctor Formula and the 4 Levers of Doom - Can YOU defeat Dr. Formula?

Points - defining a point with (x,y)

Slopes - the slope of a line

Equations - the equation of a line

y-Intercept - the slope-intercept equation

Pythagorean Theorem

Astro Girl Part 1
- Help Astro Girl keep the
galaxy safe!

Astro Girl Part 2 - Assist Astro Girl as
she saves the Bluesticks!

The Hermit and the Case of the Maltese Duck - Solve the case along with

Barnstormin' Bernie - a true aviation

Mrs. Moo and Professor Plum: The Defenders - Help defeat the Ghost Raptors of the 7th Void.

Neo-Weirdness - Just a little too weird.

Pirate Treasure
 - Can Capt. Agnesi find the treasure?


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