Just outside the imagination and to the left of the mundane world lies Dreamland. Mrs. Moo and Professor Plum, the Defenders, are its guardians. It is their mission to keep the universal consciousness safe and sane.

Mrs. Moo has just received a disturbing report. Ghost Raptors, predators from the 7th Void have entered Dreamland and are attacking the Windmills of the Mind. If the Ghost Raptors damage any of the windmills, human nightmares will become reality!

"We will have to lose some time if we are to beat the raptors to the windmills," states Mrs. Moo.
"That means time travel! I get sick when we do that," grunted a not-too- happy Professor Plum.

The Defenders summon Raymond The Magic Car. Raymond can travel the time lines and get the Defenders to the windmills before the raptors ever arrive!

Raymond the Magic Car needs to find the correct time line to get to the Windmills of the Mind before the Ghost Raptors. He has the slope and a point on the line. Input the correct equation for the line and time travel with the Defenders.





Input equation for the line. Use the form Ax + By = C


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