You are one of the 10,000 peons working for Mitra Corp, the world's largest corporation. Like all other peons, you dream of being promoted to a head peon position and getting your very own cubicle.


  • Select a job assignment from the Duty Bin.
  • Figure out the correct floor the job is on and input the floor in the correct color elevator's control panel.
  • At each stop, there will be a problem. Get it correct and you will receive a password. (No password = wrong answer.)
  • Collect 5 password codes and input them into the Promotion Evaluation Device.
  • Win the game, get promoted to Head Peon and get your very own cubicle!
  • HINT: Keep track of the floors and bins you try, as well as your passwords, on a piece of paper!
Duty Bin










 floors that end with the number 3

Input the floor number 


 floors that end with the number 6 or 9

 Input the floor number


 floors that end with the number 1

 Input the floor number


floors that end with the number 2, 4, or 8

 Input the floor number


 floors that are multiples of 5

 Input the floor number

 Input 5 correct passwords to receive a promotion and your very own cubicle.

Promotion Evaluation Device






Integer Main


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