Dela Croix, international adventurer, has heard that a sunken ship was found off the coast of Bermuda. The ship is believed to be Captain Nemo's submarine the Nautilus. Known as The Black Queen throughout the Caribbean, Dela is anxious to get started on her latest adventure.
She needs to buy gear for her adventure. She will need to purchase a good pair of boots, a watch, a compass, a vest, a pair of khaki pants and a cotton shirt. She already owns all other clothing and necessary diving gear.

To add the price of the shirt and pants, follow these steps:

  • Line up the decimal points.
  • Add the digits in each column.
  • Place the decimal point under the decimal points in the above numbers.
  • During a narrow escape from 3 sword wielding Orange Warriors, Dela ripped the bottom of her sales slip. She will need to know what the total is for tax purposes.

    Find the total cost of all her items including tax.




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