Dela took an ocean liner form Marblehead Mass. to Someplace, Bermuda. The liner made one other stop at an uncharted island 250.45 miles from Someplace. When Dela checked the captain's log, she found that the boat had sailed a total of 1309.7 miles.


To subtract decimals, follow these steps:

  • Line up the decimal points.
  • Subtract the aligned digits.
  • Rename the values as needed.
  • Work from right to left.
  • Place the decimal point directly under the decimal points above.


    Dela Croix wanted to make a special note about the location of this uncharted island.

    Finish the subtraction for Dela.

      After her adventure in Bermuda, Dela Croix had to balance her checkbook. Here is a list of all of her deposits and withdrawals. Find the ending balance of her account.

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