Mr. Cain
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Michael Cain has served the children, parents and other citizens of the Crawford Central School District for 34 years. It is time once again Michael Cain (belovedly known as Mr. Cain) to serve his community. Elect Mr. Cain to the School board, and allow him to champion the cause of quality educational opportunities for all students. Download Michael Cain's CV
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"If math saved my life, then Crawford Centeral School District, its children, its parents and the outling community gave my life purpose." Read More >

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"Teaching is much more than a job. It is a CALLING"

"People construct their knowldege from their experiences."

"Skills are as important if not more so than book learning."

"Every child has a spark of genius in them. It is up to the school to ignite it to a passion for something meaningful."

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