Masthead Tower 23 is here to provide FREE online learning resources in Mathematics. Mr. E. Mike is a 34-year veteran mathematics teacher with multiple awards and publications. Mr. E. Mike has been a pioneer of online learning.  Many of the commonly used applications can be traced back to some of Mr. E. Mike’s original online games. Enjoy our Mathematics Adventures here at Tower 23.

Building Successful Extracurricular Enrichment Programs is a must-read for educators or administrators who want to develop, implement and maintain engaging out-of-school programs.

Accessible and easy to use, this book focuses on four basic approaches to building enrichment programs: grassroots, semi-structured, franchise and fully structured. Readers will walk through each stage of the process, from conception, to fund-raising, to implementation and evaluation. Successful programs require significant, time, energy and resources; this book makes what is often a very demanding process understandable and obtainable.

With practical tools and tips to support every student, this essential guidebook equips teachers, administrators and home educators with the step-by-step strategies to confidently design their own extracurricular programs. Download book Flyer

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Open ended question practice. This book prepares students from grades 6-12 to solve open-ended problems and explain their work.

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Amusement Park Math
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Warmups and story problem practice using the four fundemental operations.
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