The Mask of Thulimu is just one of the treasures unearthed by Lord Canarvan when he opened the tomb on March 9th.




An ancient mask recently unearthed during an archeological dig has cast a curse on all that come in contact with it. One of the items removed from a tomb believed to be over 7,000 years old, the mask has caused misery and disaster for all who encounter it.

Lord Canarvan, leader of the expedition, was the first to touch the mask. Canarvan has fallen ill from a mysterious illness. He was hospitalized only 2 weeks after the tomb's discovery.

Other members of the expedition have also been hospitalized. All the members of the 3-man crew that packed the tomb's treasure fell ill on the 8th of April.

 The tomb's contents were packed for shipment on March 26th. How many days passed after the crew touched the mask before they became ill?

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