Lord Thulimu is believed to have ruled the lost civilization of Atlantis,
just before its fall.




An ancient tablet discovered among the items in the tomb point to the existence of the lost world of Atlantis. Lord Canarvan, a self-proclaimed expert on Atlantis, says that this tablet proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Atlantis did exist.
The tablet is said to recount the harsh rule of Lord Thulimu the last ruler of Atlantis.
During his reign, the people of Atlantis suffered horribly. The tablet speaks of a thousand-thousands of victims of Thulimu's cruelty.

Thulimu is believed to have ruled Atlantis from
6567 to 6362 BC.
If Thulimu was cruel to about the same amount of people every year, how many would that be?

Round your answer to the nearest whole number.

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