"Welcome to Dream Date Extravaganza, where you answer questions to get a dream date! We have prepared a series of questions and assigned them a probability for getting a dream date. Each question has three answers. The best answer has the highest probability of acheiving your dream date goal, and the worst answer has the lowest probablilty."

"Everyone who plays has a base chance of 40% to get a dream date. Each answer will increase the probability by either 2%, 5%, or 10%. There are five questions. Answer the five questions by checking the corresponding box and pressing the Dream Date button to find out if you have a dream date... or a nightmare!"

"Good Luck."

 1. If you have homework,  a) you copy from a friend.  b) put down any answer, the teacher doesn't check over it anyway.  c) do it as soon as you can and then go have fun.
 2. When you have free time, you...  a) watch TV.   b) do some sort of physical activity.  c) play video games.
 3. If you see someone vandalize the school,  a) help them wreck the place.  b) act like you didn't see them.  c) report the incident to some one in authority.
 4. There is a big dance and some one who you don't really like asks you to go, you...  a) thank them for the offer but politely decline.  b) laugh in their face then tell everyone at lunch about it.  c) go to the dance with them as friends.
 5. A group of your friends are making fun of another kids clothes, you  a) tell them to stop, everyone is entitled to dress the way they like.  b) come up with the best put down and really make the kid feel bad.  c) laugh along with them and hope that they don't pick on your clothes next.

 Girls press this button.

 Boys press this button.



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