Radiant City Prime is in peril from one of the experiments of Horus Hughes, famous inventor and the richest man in the city. Hughes has created a living computer and placed it within a giant golden statue. The Golden ONE, as it calls itself now, threatens to take over the internet and destroy the city.

"I am General Poindexter, Supreme Commander of Radiant City Prime's security force."

The only way to stop the Golden ONE is to manually shut down its BIOS connection. There is a special code that will accomplish this. You must seek out Horus Hughes and get the password from him.

HINT: Passwords are hidden, so be sure to keep your eyes open! Remember to record your password information as you receive it!

You will need to use the city's Maglev Transportation System for traveling. The the Golden ONE has alternate transportation systems monitored. It is also monitoring all available means of communication. People are not so willing to talk to you for fear the Golden ONE will erase their data!

Go to the Maglev Station


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