• If the signs are the same, add the numbers’ absolute values and retain the same sign.

    Example: -11 + -8 = -19
  • If the signs are different, subtract the numbers’ absolute values and retain the sign of the number with the greater absolute value.

    Example: -11 + 8 = -3

    Example: Devin has lost $75, but in the last two races he bets on his favorite horses, Polish Power and Lucky Linda. He wins $40 on each race. How much is he ahead for the day?

- 75 +40 + 40
Answer: + $5


The countdown was at - 38. Where will it restart from?


They started at the 34 yard line. They need to get to the 44 yard line for a first down. On the first play they lost 12 yards and on the 2nd play they lost 8 more yards. It is now 3rd down.

How many yards do the boys need to gain in order to get a bedtime story?

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