Dividing decimals by decimals

  Park Ranger Dan's decision to invite the archaeologists turned out well, as they found some artifacts from the original inhabitants of the site: the Adena Indians. In their report, they listed the measurements of everything they found. One item was a pottery fragment of a round platter. To complete their report, it was necessary to estimate the circumference and diameter of the platter. The estimated circumference of the platter was 42.5 inches.

When dividing decimals by decimals, follow these steps:
• Move the decimal point in the divisor to the right to make it a whole number.
• Move the decimal point in the dividend the same number of spaces to the right. (This works because it is multiplying the divisor and dividend by the same number, therefore producing the same quotient.)
• Place the decimal point in the quotient directly above the decimal point in the dividend.
• Divide.

Using the formula for the circumference of a circle (C= pi × diameter) and 3.14 for pi, find the diameter of the platter found by the archaeologists. Round to the nearest hundreth.


 The diameter of the platter is

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