At the end of each harvest season was a great celebration. This year's celebration had been marked by bad omens. A flock of black birds had landed on the offering to the Earth Mother and eaten all of it. The cattle of an entire village were taken sick by a mysterious illness, then the daughter of the chief was found in a trance-lilke state, mumbling strange things about animals and three stones.

Meanwhile, Akiba had grown to be an adult, and had passed the tests of manhood at the beginning of the planting season. Not much in his life had changed since then. He still liked to go out into the wilderness and watch the animals. Sometimes, he thought he could understand the sounds they made.


Akiba heard all the talk about the bad omens, but did not think that there was anything he could do. That was until he was called over to the hut of Mama Waldi, the Wise One of the village.

Mama Waldi said,"Akiba, you must seek for us the Three Stones of Happiness. The stones were placed in the world by the Earth Mother and if ever there is a need for them, the time is now. Go to the chief's daughter and listen to her words."


Seek out the chief's daughter

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