Mrs. Bowman had the town's most beautiful gardens. She had several ponds in her gardens. The children of the town loved to play by the ponds. Mrs. Bowman would chase the kids away whenever she saw them. Rumors abounded throughout the community about why her flowers grew so well and whatever happened to Mr. Bowman. The kids of the town believed that there were monsters at the bottom of the ponds. One day when Mrs. Bowman was out of town, several kids got buckets and emptied all the water out of one of the ponds. All that they found at the bottom of the pond was a pile of slime. To this day, there is no evidence that the ponds hold monsters in them. The only thing that is known are the dimesions of one of the ponds.




 3.5 ft

 2.5 ft

 3 ft

What is the volume of the pond?


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