The Gate of Janus

Enter the number from the riddle to retrieve a cup.

Riddles of the Runes
Field Guide
To retrieve the Cup of Earth, use half the area of the face of the mountain spirit.
The Cup of the Sun can be
found when the non-stormy
distance of life is known.
The area of Industry's shield
that is not the arm of Labor
hides the Cup of Virtue.
Maria Gaetana Agnesi
is belived to have left these notes
concerning the riddles of the cups.
The Ace of Cups will be
found when the darkness
that hides the Fates is known.
One fourth of the area
not covered by the circle
will guide you to
the Cup of Healing.
If you seek the Cup of Hiding,
3 times the base of the
Triangle of Seeing must be known.

copyright 2020 Tower 23