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Combining Like Terms


Solving Equations


Problem Solving

Module 1


Tower 23 Online Learning Modules cover a variety of math topics. Each module is a self contained exploration with multiple methods of instruction. The topics are presented in a straight forward manner and supported by randomly generated problem sets that allow the learner infinite practice. Each topic is accompained by an instructional video and downloadable practice sheets. After the student is comfortable with a topic, they can move on to the multi-discplinary applications. Each module has an assessment component. Each assessment is randomly generated and provides immediate feedback and evaluation of students progress.

Module 1: Numbers and Letters

The begining uses of algebra intruduces the concepts of terms. Mainly to support the concept of variables. It is the use of a symbol other than a number (constant value) such as a letter that give algebra it veritility and usefulness. In this module we will explore and master the use of variables in fundemental algebra expressions and equations.


.Challenge Problems