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Achievement and Brilliance 

Based on the science of Random Event Connection Quantum Theory, the fortunes of the Frog can help you unlock the mysteries of the Universe for stricly entertainment.
Daily Fortune Chart

The Star reminds us that we are all stars walking upon a giant star. Every one of us has a special place and talent. We tend to look at others and admire or envy their talents. Too often, we forget how special we are. The Star guides us to drop the “woe is me” tape that we play over and over again in our head. If we listen to all the reasons why something will fail, then our efforts surely are doomed. Instead of saying why you will fail, look to how you can succeed and never stop trying.

We all hold a genius inside of us. The Star brightens our perceptions and lets us know that we all can shine brightly in the night sky.

When the Star is in your fortune, look within yourself for that special something and let you true abilities burst forth.