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Intellect and Wisdom

Based on the science of Random Event Connection Quantum Theory, the fortunes of the Frog can help you unlock the mysteries of the Universe for stricly entertainment.
Daily Fortune Chart

The Owl is commonly the symbol for wisdom. Athena the Greek goddess of wisdom is often depicted with an owl. In the Fortune Frog, the Owl reminds us that by being alert and observant the understanding of situations is more readily achieved. The act of knowing is more than internal. One must look clearly at the world and not allow person desire or bias to influence the interpretation of the events around us.

The Native American’s call this the four-fold way, show up, pay attention, tell the truth, and do not become attached to an outcome.

The Owl tells us to be in the moment with our minds clear and focused. We need to know the truth about ourselves. We must see ourselves as we truly are not as we would like it to be. And we must let go and accept the fact that we control very little. The outcome of an event occurs beyond the individual and by understanding that, we will free ourselves of stress and anger.